Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday 2015 Christmas Collection (Part II)

Hi all!!!! Time to finally post up the other half of the Chanel Rouge Noir 2015 Christmas Collection. Now if you have read the Part I then you would know that this post will be focused on the lips side of things as knowing us, we weren’t going to skip on the lipsticks. We got 3 items ranging from Rouge Allure Velvet to Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer and finally Rouge Allure Gloss.

Overall there were 6 gorgeous lip products to chose from and we only picked the ones that we thought we could wear on a daily basis or even just on its own instead of having to mix and match colors to create a certain finish. So all of the 3 items that we will be listing today are very versatile even though they are slightly on the louder side of things but if that’s the case you can always just dab a little on and create a nice tinted look and then just layer more on if you need more intensity in the color. All 3 lipsticks are a great choice if you only want to bring one color to go from day to night.

Keep reading if you want to see what lip products we splurged on this time but if you were after eyeliner or eyeshadows, please read our Part I of the post here –> Click Me <–.

rouge-allure-velvet-luminous-matte-lip-colour-347-la-merveilleuse-3_5g.3145891623475.jpgThe first item we have for you is the Rouge Allure    Velvet lipstick in shade 347 La Merveilleuse. This is a gorgeous fuchsia color that actually compliments a lot of different skin tones I reckon as depending on how much you apply, the result is really quite different. For example with this color, if you just dabbed it on then it gives off a nice tint but if you were to apply it properly then it really does create a loud statement. However, with this lipstick, there is something I have to point out, as it is part of the Rouge Allure Velvet range, it is a little dry on the lips and if you aren’t careful enough then you may end up with this really awkward line either around your lips or just at the centre and neither of them are pleasant haha so if you do plan on using this lipstick throughout the day then I really recommend well moisturized lips as well as plenty of lip balms in your bag haha.

The second item is the Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer in shade 487 Étincelle and it’s this really nice sheer berry color. When applied just on its own it gives off a look just like that if you were to have had some berries and the color had stained your lips and after seeing that effect lets just say both Isabella and I immediately knew this item was coming home with us hahaha. But when the lady thought she only had one item left we both panicked and it was written all over our faces so I think that would’ve been quite a sight to see ^^”.

Additionally, with this lipgloss it actually matches really well with the La Merveilleuse, I actually didn’t think it’ll create such a pretty finish because truth be told I thought it’ll just be mediocre but Oh My Gosh, it was SO gorgeous, this lip gloss can actually go over most colors and end up creating this beautiful finish. So if you only wanted to get one lip item from this collection then I definitely recommend this gloss, it is seriously without a doubt one of the prettiest colors ever made. (I’m already dreading the day I finish this color……)

Last but not least, we have the Rouge Allure Gloss in shade 24 Expressive to rave about. If I had to describe the actual color of the gloss it more like a black red because there’s this burnt element to it but just without the brownness however, if you applied it on it’s actually not as dark as you would think maybe because it is a gloss but the finished look was actually quite surprising. Originally I thought that this gloss was definitely something I’ll only be wearing during the night or Fall/Winter period but after applying it, the look was actually quite wearable. Along with the Étincelle, it has a berry look to it but color wise this one is more pigmented and without the sparkles. I haven’t actually tried layering this on top of a lipstick yet because I think it already looks really nice on its own there’s no need to mix and match haha.

Alright, so this is all that we have for today and along with our Part I, we really hope you guys enjoyed it and please continue supporting us and viewing our other posts haha. ^^

xx Vivvy and Izzy

Images Sourced:

Chanel (David Jones)

Chanel (La Merveilleuse)



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