Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday 2015 Christmas Collection (Part I)

Hello guys!!! ~

We are SO excited today to share this post with you guys as we have literally the NICEST products to write about! On Wednesday we were lucky enough to be able to purchase several items from the new Chanel Collection that we practically fell in love with at first sight haha. From our knowledge, each store only receives 5 of each item and it is really limited and once it runs out, it runs out (unless you are lucky enough to get it from another store). Luckily, (for us) we actually went quite early on and we were able to pick exactly which items we wanted and there was at least still 2 of each left so we didn’t have to worry about choosing the same one.

Now, before we begin, we already know that we’re probably going to just ramble on and on about it simply because it deserves at least this much credit so in order to not give you guys another one of our never-ending essays, we decided to split this post into two parts with the first being focused on the eyes and the second on the lips (and yes, we bought more lipstick).

The first item that caught our attention was the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Signe Particulier which is just too beautiful for words especially seeing it on the model. Unfortunately, it hasn’t actually been received yet (at least in Sydney) so we weren’t able to buy it at the time BUT no worries because we are literally first on the waiting list at two different department stores so it’s bound to come haha.

The palette overall has a very F/W feel to it especially the purple tone which just got us crazy (especially Vivian) and within a second later we were trying to get our hands on it.

Since we had to wait for the item, we have to admit, we were a bit annoyed (especially being scared to death with the thought that it might sell out) so we wanted to get an alternative just incase the worst happens, which then led us to the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in 857 Rouge Noir. Firstly, this color is quite similar to the one in the palette because that was the main color we were after and this cream shadow definitely gives off a more intensified look if you were to build it up, or it would be a really nice base for a smokey makeup.

Now, don’t be fooled by the picture, at first glance it does appear to be quite of a strong black purple; however, the color itself is a metallic purple but there’s a brown undertone to it which in our opinions makes it a more versatile and warmer color so compared to the palette this one would be more wearable on a daily basis.

Next on the purple themed bandwagon is the Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil in 17 Rouge Noir. The color is more of a deep purple which we think resembles the palette more than the cream shadow. However, when actually applied and not blended out, the purple doesn’t really show and overall looks like a softer black however, if you were to blend it out, it does create a nice smokey look but I would probably recommend combining that with a shadow of some sort. (BUT, if you just wanted to use it for your bottom waterline, then by all means go for it!!)

Right, so that is all for now, but if you wanted to check out the lip section of this post please pop over to Part II and see what other goodies we have to show hehe.

xx Vivvy and Izzy

Images Sourced:

Chanel (David Jones)


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