Skincare routine: Combination/Dry

As I turned 20, I realised my skin was changing. Especially through this winter, my face was especially dry and flaky. I used to think that I have very oily skin but after I started getting facials every month, I realised that I actually had combination/oily skin. However, my skin somehow changed a few months ago and now I have combination/dry skin.

For an oily/combination skin care routine, check out Vivian’s post here!

I always get flushed really easily but now my face gets really hot and starts drying up my moisturiser almost immediately. So, I updated my skin care and can I tell you, my skin feels so good, moisturised and hydrated (it also looks a lot healthier)! Also, I have discovered my forehead wrinkles were getting pretty deep so I was like OMG I’m getting old and so recently, I’ve been obsessed with anti-wrinkle products as well as getting heaps of hydration in my skin!


So after I cleanse my face, I use a cotton pad and apply my toner. I use the Shu Uemura ‘Deepsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lotion’. I once saw on youtube this girl (she had good skin) who said that toner is basically part of your cleansing routine and she would lightly use a cotton pad to wipe it on her face so I started doing that instead of patting it in.


ADDITIONAL STEP AFTER TONER (I didn’t know what to call this hahaha ^^”)

After this, I spray my face with this Kate Somerville ‘Advanced Wrinkle Treatment’ from their ‘DermalQuench Liquid Lift’ range. And can I just say this spray is literally the bomb! I just do one spray across my jaw, one across my cheek bone to my nose on both sides of my face and once across my forehead and softly massage it into my skin and wait a minute for it to dry. It might sting a little when you first use it but OMG it hydrates my skin sooooo well and my face literally feels plump yet firm. AND it makes your moisturisers and serums A LOT more. I apply this after my toner as I found that when it’s applied before toner, my pores became larger.



After, this, I’ll apply my eye cream, I won’t go into much detail on this but you can find it here. But basically, I use the ‘Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye‘ and then use the ‘Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum’ otherwise, my eye becomes really dry using only the Clarins eye serum.


I use a combination of 3 different serums! (a bit crazy I know!)

So, the one I use both day and night is the Shu Uemura ‘Deepsea Hydrabillity Intense Moisturizing Concentrate’ this feels sooo good, light and watery on your skin but for me, I pat a lot of it into my skin. However, it’s not enough as my face kind of flushes naturally and heats up and I don’t know evaporates/melt the product on my skin?? So my face still feels kind of dry!


So for daytime wear, I would go over this with a thin layer of the SK-II ‘Cellumination Aura Essence’ I know, it’s called an essence but it acts more like a serum and pat it into my skin. I use this one during the day as it’s a bit lighter than my other serum which I use during the night. Also as my other serum is anti-wrinkle and I think it would work better during the night! This serum seriously works though! My face looks a lot more dewier and brighter during the day!


During the night, I would apply a thin layer of the SK-II ‘Stempower Essence’ and pat it into my skin. Again, it’s more like a serum than a essence. it’s quite thick so I would recommend this mainly during the night!



During the day, I wear a thinner, lighter moisturiser and I have found the Shu Uemura ‘Deepsea Hydrabillity Moisturising Emulsion’ to be perfect for that! i just do one pump and pat it into my skin (yes, I like patting things into my skin hahahha because I think it absorbs into my skin better). I also really love the texutre! It feels watery and not sticky at all!


During the night time, I go for a thicker cream. I use the Shu Uemura ‘Deepsea Hydrabillity Moisturizing Cream’. There is a gel version which Vivian uses, however, I prefer thick creams especially during the night and this does the the job! I love how even tho it’s thick, it doesn’t feel sticky on your skin at all. (I really don’t like sticky creams)



So this is an optional step, but 2-3 times a week, I will finish off my skin care routine with a face oil. I use the Clarins’ Lotus Face Treatment Oil’ and a tiny drop goes a long way! This product really makes my skin more radiant when I wake up in the morning and I look a lot more healthier and glowing compared to before I used it. Usually, I’ll mix this with my moisturizer during the night and pat it into my skin. Otherwise, on exceptionally dry days, I will apply it straight after moisturizer. I found that massaging it or using more than a drop, made me break out under my chin a little so that’s why I have changed to just patting it in. I also apply this on my collar bone and dermal scars everyday and it actually helps reduce the scarring a little but slowly hahaha.


So that’s the end of my very long skincare routine! Share/recommend me any products that you love or use!

xx Izzy

Images sourced:

Shu Uemura

Kate Somerville




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