Skincare routine: Combination/Oily

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Now both Izzy and I are posting our respective skincare routines simultaneously because even though we both have combination skin, mine leans more towards oily/sensitive whilst hers is just straight out dry: so if you lean towards dry click here to see her post. Personally I find it really hard to find items that work well with my skin because I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks but sometimes they switch around or other times they’ll just be really dry (especially if the products are to strong) or if I have even just one wrong step in my routine, then the sensitivity just sky rockets. So after having a few hits and misses I’m finally happy with my current routine so I thought why not share it just so there’s another opinion out there to hopefully help someone.

This post will only contain the actual skincare part not the cleansing or masks, etc but no worries because that will be coming up in another post haha.


Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lotion

This toner is the perfect combination of hydration without the added oiliness that comes with a lot of other products. My main skin care is based off of this range and it might sound oily but the entire range is actually quite water based which I find actually works with a lot of different skin types but like I would say with most products, it’s best to just pop by and ask for a sample because actually buying the real deal as these aren’t cheap and who wants to buy a product but then realizing that it didn’t suit you at all.

Normally, I just dampen a cotton pad and just wipe it over my face and neck just to prepare my face for the following steps. But most importantly I think it works really well as the final step of cleansing.

Eye Cream

Now for cream, I have actually already done a post on this so I’ll just mention the products, but for more information just click here –> ME <– to have a more refined post about it haha.


La Mer The Eye Concentrate

The Eye Concentrate

For just that extra kick:

Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream

Sunday Riley - Start Over Active Eye Cream


For serum I have two different ones, one for morning and one for night haha


SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist

Whitening Power Spots Specialist Image

Now, I know I just said that the Depsea Hydrability range was not oily but serums in general are quite thick which is why even though the Shu Uemura serum isn’t exactly oily it does result in a more dewy complexion and quite frankly, I’m not a big fan of that so I opted for something with a more matte finish and the reason why I ended up with the Whitening Power serum is because I also wanted to treat some pigmentations from acne as well as scarring so even though the results are very slow but it is definitely happening. Just slowly taking its time haha you guys know the deal.


Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Intense Moisturizing Concentrate

As the name suggests, it really is INTENSELY moisturizing haha so I would definitely ONLY recommend this to you guys as a night step but if you guys only want to use one serum for both day and night then I wouldn’t recommend this one as like I said it creates more of a dewy look especially for those with combination/oily skin.



Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Emulsion

Okay, same deal as the serum, but this time I’m using two different moisturizers from the same range. Personally, I always use two different moisturizers for day and night simply because it really does make a huge difference especially after you apply your sunscreen or your foundation, the last thing you want is a complexion so oily that you just feel your makeup falling off.


Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Gel Cream

For night cream, even though I do prefer something more intense than my day cream I still try to avoid really heavy creams because I find that they just clog up my pores and after maybe a few days the breakout begins. So my night creams are gel creams 90% of the time simply because its heavy enough (for me) to be used as a night cream but still manages to not clog up my pores. This one I have been loving ALOT because it is probably one of the lightest gel creams I’ve used because the texture isn’t sticky but it’s REALLY hydrating and after using this range, my pores have definitely gotten a lot smaller and that just overall gives off a cleaner look.

Extra Miscellaneous 

Face Oil:

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil

The green tea seed oil

Now, a lot of people with oily skin will probably be going “WHAT?!” and at first I was like that as well but let me tell you, if you find the CORRECT face oil for your skin then you will DEFINITELY see the importance of it. It’s hard to really pin point what’s so good about it but it just gives off a really nice glow the next day and it makes your products absorb just that much better.

I only add one/two drops in with my night moisturizer and some might think that it’ll be very oily but it isn’t at all. In fact it’s actually less oily than if I were to not add the oil in so I guess everything just absorbed right in haha. But I only ever use this when I feel like my face needs a bit of a kick hahaha so maybe once a week maximum twice.

Now, if you don’t wish to have to pay for something extra but you feel like you do need an extra step just every now and then, then I think you could try using both your day moisturizer as well as your night just to start off but if you are a bit weary of this step then by all means just skip past it, I mean it is an extra step anyways haha.

Alright, this post wasn’t exactly short but I really hope it helped or even if it just gave you some ideas but if you have any other question, just comment below and we’ll get back to you!!

xx Vivvy

Photo credits:


La Mer


Shu Uemura

Sunday Riley


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