Dior VS YSL Liquid Eyeshadow

Hello everyone!!!!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a make up post like we’ve mentioned make up or beauty products here and there e.g. the Burberry SS16 RTW which if you guys haven’t checked out please do it –> click me <– so I thought why not do one today.

Lately we haven’t really been buying a lot of makeup as we’ve been to busy updating our skincare products and I think I can safely say that both Isabella and I have COMPLETELY replaced our entire skincare routine with the first step being eye cream which I have also already made a post on –> here <– and if you guys like we can also do a fully updated post on our skincare products.

Now onto the actual post, recently…. well for awhile now we’ve been seeing quite a lot metallic eyes going around and with metallic shadows personally I think they are best applied in the form of a liquid shadow just because I think it’s a tad less messy, I mean you just have to apply it to the spot and let it dry for a few seconds and even if you accidentally get it outside of the area you can just easily wipe it off and not leave any marks.

So for this post I’ll just mainly be talking about the pros and cons of the Dior Addict Fluid Shadow and the YSL Full Metal Shadow therefore keep reading if you’re interested!

Firstly, I really really REALLY love both brands and with Dior I have A LOT of their lip products and every single one of them is amazing whilst with YSL you can just never go wrong with their mascara. Originally, I didn’t actually think I will be purchasing anything like this because I try to wear minimal eye makeup and with eyeshadows I really just have this one look where I’ll wear for a very long time and then finally change it because Izzy’s just gotten so sick of the look…… However, the moment I tried these products I just knew I had to have it, the product themselves are just so silky and just so easy to apply if the best thing is they don’t have that powdery effect that normal eyeshadows give out.

Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

275 Cosmic
825 Aurora

Out of the two, this shadow is a lot more pigmented so the colors are a lot stronger in comparison to the YSL so this is a really nice shadow if you wanted to go for a more made up look and you wouldn’t have to apply several layers just to finally reach that color instead you just really need the one coating, but generous amount of course. The other up side about this product is that you can actually use it as a liner which additionally explains the color intensity or gives you an idea of it.

Now the cons of this is sometimes depending on which color you got, it can be a bit to metallic especially in the shade 825 Aurora; it’s this really gorgeous pearly pink but if you apply to much of it then you really just end up with glitters and I admit it’s not the best look…..

The only thing about this is that if lets say you wanted to blend this out a bit (a tiny little bit) the color actually more or less just fades away so really this is better off as a block color or a liner. However, sometimes if you only want a slight tint of the color in your shadow then this creates a really beautiful mix.

YSL Full Metal Shadow

3 Taupe Drop
5 Steamy Coral

This product on the other hand really just won’t go wrong but if I had to compare it to the Dior then I would have to say that the Dior applies better probably because it’s a more watery consistency but the advantage that this has is that even when you do smudge it out the color intensity is a lot better than the Dior so for me this is a HUGE bonus simply because I really like mixing colors together and overall I just don’t do a lot of intense eye make up looks.

There really isn’t much to say about this product other than it being absolutely perfect but if I had to compare the two then I would have to say the Dior is just slightly more long-wearing. Maybe because this formula is thicker but it does come off as a bit oilier than the other, now, this problem can generally be fixed by using a primer but if you do have really oily eyelids then this is definitely something to consider about especially between the two brands.

If you guys are looking for a liquid eyeshadow definitely please do check these out and if you already have these share with us your experience about it haha

xx Vivvy

Photo credits:

Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

YSL Full Metal Shadow


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