MBFF Sydney ’15 RTW

So, as all the other major cities in the world were having their fashion week, Sydney also had their fashion festival for the coming spring. We were lucky enough to attend it and check out the new trends we have in store for the next season from Australian Designers.

So, we have realised that florals are definitely in AGAIN next season which we admit was a bit shocking seeing that they just faded out.

Apart from that, we also saw the return of broad shoulder look giving a more chic and polished look. There  were also some more eye catching colors on the runway just in time for Spring.

Some designers gave us the same boudoir vibe as the Givenchy and the Atelier Versace ’15 runways with their more romantic monochrome palette with flowy and sheer dresses and outfits for a more darker but intimate look.

So, we’ve put together a few of our favourite looks from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. Tell us what your favourite trend for the new season!

P.S sorry the pictures are a bit everywhere it was really hard to watch and take photos at the same time ahhaha seriously wonder how everyone else does it



Izzy & Vivvy


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