Favorite eye creams

Hello lovelies,

Today I will be posting about something that I really believe is a NECESSITY, eye creams.

Many people don’t include eye creams in their daily face care especially if they’re young or they somehow have perfect skin and they think that they can just skip it and it’ll still look divine. However, personally I think eye cream is just as important as using a serum for your face or even more important simply because the skin around your eyes are so delicate and when you remove your makeup and wash your face you’re constantly tugging it and if you don’t go out of your way to make up for that then before you know it, wrinkles might just start popping up; and trust me, it’s ALOT better to prevent them from appearing as opposed to letting them appear and then taking action because quite frankly you will already be a step late by then.

Before I go any further just to prove my point previously, both Izzy and I began to use eye creams since last year and we’re currently 20 so some might argue that it’s way to young to begin but personally we really found that it worked and I could go a day without moisturizer but I cannot go a day without eye cream.

Eye cream normally comes in 3 different types with one being the traditional cream in the pot which is normally quite concentrated on one specific target e.g. dark circles or wrinkles; the second form is more of a gel consistency (with the occasional exception of it being a cream) and these are normally found under eye serums and  I find that these aren’t as concentrated as creams and generally just do the minimum moisturizing and such; and last but not least, the roll-ons, now with these I really don’t recommend it if you are actually trying to target a specific problem as with these its more like a brightener or just a nice go to product for the day especially if you have oily eyelids or if you just want to save time but preferably you will have something a little more concentrated for the night.

Now these following suggestions are products that either Izzy or I have tried and our pro’s and con’s about it. Enjoy!!

Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum 

The main reason Izzy got this one was to replace the Clarins Eye Contour Gel (below) as she wanted something that not only hydrated but also targeted dark circles and puffiness with the prevention of wrinkles, now it is really hard to find a eye cream that does everything she wanted so with this one despite the fact that it does everything she wants, the only downside is that it’s not hydrating enough and because of that she actually had to use a separate cream underneath it occasionally just to keep the moisture locked in so this one is definitely one of her favorites but if it was just a bit more hydrating then it would be perfect.

Clarins Eye Contour Gel

Clarins - Eye Contour Gel

This one is definitely a go to if you are after something more hydrating but without it being at all oily especially if you were to use it during the day. Izzy bought this one mainly because she was drawn to the fact that it was hydrating but after a while she didn’t think it was targeting all the concerns she wanted. But if you don’t have any major concerns or targets then this one is definitely worth a shot.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate 

The Eye Concentrate

Before I go any further I know this one is a huge dip in your wallet and I know that some people may be turned off by it due to the price but let me just say this is absolutely to die for. As of right now I really don’t think I can get any better than this item. Personally my eyelids are quite sensitive as well as dry so because I have to remove my eye makeup everyday it resulted in flakiness right above my eyes and firstly it really kind of hurts and secondly no makeup is going to look good on that. So I searched around a bit with the bottom line being that the eye cream had to help with dark circles as well as being hydrating and I stumbled upon this. Originally I was going to skip on this because you know…..the price….but after I tried it on it I was immediately convinced that this product was right. It was moisturizing but not sticky and it also came with a silver tipped applicator which really helps with the puffiness in the morning as well as a quick massage as you apply. With this item I really don’t think there is any con’s about it other than the price but the jar actually lasts quick long so I think you guys should definitely test it out even if it’s only at the counter just to see.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye

Cold Plasma Eye

Now this is the extra eye step that Izzy currently takes under her Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum and let me just say, this eye cream on its own is already a wonder so you definitely do not need two eye creams if that’s what you’re thinking. Both are perfectly fine on their own its just that Izzy really did need another step as Clarins just wasn’t moisturizing enough in her case. This item is not at all sticky and after you let it absorb in, you can hardly feel it which I think will be perfect for daily uses both morning and night especially if you have oily eyelids however the only negative aspect about this is the smell; it really is quite fishy and personally I can’t handle something like that but Izzy said that once you put it on you can hardly smell it so you really would have to go there and smell it yourself just to see if you’re capable of dealing with it or not.

Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream

Eye Correcting Cream

This was actually my first eye cream and this item has done me no wrong, it’s moisturizing enough, non-oily, definitely helps with dark circles and it also comes with a brightening effect. Before I continue, the only reason I moved on from this item was that I just wanted to try something new but if one day, all of them were to fail then this is the item that I can always trust on.

Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

I think everyone can guess what the main purpose of this eye cream is just from its title so I won’t say much other than the fact that it basically does everything the Shiseido Ibuki does but this one is just heavier so if you have oilier eyelids then I don’t recommend this but all-in-all this would be better during winter and the Ibuki would be better during summer.

Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream 

Sunday Riley - Start Over Active Eye Cream

Now this is the last one on the list and this item I actually have just on stand-by for those days where I hardly slept or if I washed my eye make up off way to harshly then I will pop this on before whichever eye cream I use just so that there’s a bit more repair going on. But I have tried just using this alone as an eye cream and personally I think it gives off a similar vibe to the Clarins Eye Contour Gel but this one is definitely a lot stickier which is why I only use it at night and only if I have to.

Okay, so those are ALL the eye creams we have to offer today and yes I know it’s a VERY long post but we just wanted to share with you guys haha.

Now if you guys have any questions regarding any of the eye creams listed feel free to pop a question below and we will get back to you.

xx Vivvy

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La Mer

Perricone MD


Sunday Riley


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