Hi guys!

So, as spring is finally here, it’s time to brighten up our outfits! An easy way to do this, is with bright/colourful accessories and bags. So my new bag obsession, is this really cute korean brand called PLAYNOMORE. As seen on many korean celebrities and models. Their bags uses the silhouette of the Hermès Kelly as well as the Birkin but designed in bright colours with cute faces sewn onto the front of the bag. What better way to really bring something fun and quirky to your outfit?

I am super in love with the lime green WINKY GIRL. I just looovvee the colour and the super cute winky face on the bag. (Also because I am a big fan of green)


How cute is it?!

I am also loving the SHYGIRL in yellow


What’s not to love?!?!

For a more subtle bag, but still with some fun and quirkiness, I would go for the SHY GIRL in blue!


As you can see, I am planning to collect them all!! HAHHAHA I just can’t choose which bag I love more!

Tell me what you feel!

xx Izzy



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