One of my favourite go to stores when it comes to buying simple, casual and minimalistic pieces is Madewell. Just as the name describes it, their pieces are really ‘made well’. One of the first things I’ve ever gotten from there was this ‘mini transport crossbody’ bag

It’s a great casual everyday bag which I take everywhere and has been with me through thick and thin. I literally use this bag everyday to uni and to work and it carries all my essentials that i need to bring. The leather of this bag is just so soft and from the first look, you can just tell it was made from good quality. What I really love about it, is the lining inside. Unlike some bags now adays, where the pockets inside the bag will get ruined after long use, this bag uses much thicker lining which makes the pockets really sturdy (especially if you’re like me and have 1000 things you want to fit in these little pockets for easy access). The leather on this bag also wears really nicely and it can also be customised with your own personal initials! I got IYZ on mine in gold heheheh

Not only this, but they’ve also got the best selection of boyshirts and button ups which can easily be paired with pants, skirts or shorts for a made up or casual look. I absolutely love the tomboyish as well as casual laid back feel of their clothing. Did i mention their overalls are to die for?!?!

Luckily, they now ship to Australia and are being carried by stores such as Nordstrom, Shopbop as well as net-a-porter so you’ll be seeing me in a lot of their clothes VERY SOON!!

Definitely check them out and tell me how you feel ^^

xx Izzy

Image: Madewell


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