HBA 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Hello again lovelies,

So after seeing the HBA runway at NYFW I couldn’t help but have the urge to just write a post and share with you guys a few of my favorites looks. Now, I don’t think it comes as a surprise that every year, the brand has something special to offer and I don’t mean this is the sense of their new collection or anything but more so towards the overall way that they present it.

This year, I think the major discussion lies upon the unblended contouring that they had going on as well as the throwback to the ’90s nostalgia that is ‘Friends’.Firstly, in regards to the contouring, it can be taken both ways I reckon as you can think of it as just their way of utilizing a popular trend and twisting it so that HBA is written all over it, or you can think of it as their way of making a reference to possibly the most famous family, the Kardashians. Now for me, either of it works because sometimes I also opt for contouring if you know, I’m really in the mood for it and I’m also a fan of the Kardashians so I thought it was a nice reference regardless of what the initial intentions are or if there even is any.

Secondly, and the one that I like more is the link to the classic hairdo’s that the three leading ladies rocked in Friends. I’m pretty sure that in some point of your daily life you have all made a reference to one of the hundreds of classic lines that Friends has left us with. Personally I have watched the show enough times to actually remember even single episode off my heart and still be willing to rewatch the entire thing in one sitting so when the hairstyles did pop up trust me, I was ecstatic. Now because I wasn’t able to be there personally (so annoyed) I first saw parts of it on snapchat and I remember quite clearly that all I did was squeal.

Now enough of me rambling on and on, here are a few of my favorite looks from the show (the actual clothes and not the makeup or the hairstyles haha) and I can’t exactly explain as to why I like these particular pieces but I just think that these stood out more than the others. So enjoy!

xx Vivvy
P.S. Are you a fan of the brand? If so, tell me which was your favorite from the NYFW.
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