Favorite Spring Lipsticks

As spring is now here, we’ve been busy shopping for new colors to go with the change in season as well as our new outfits and looks! So we decided to share with you some of our favorite lipsticks for the new season!!

Now before we go any further, seeing that we have just escaped out of winter we will be including some more fall tones in the list because at the end of the day sometimes you just want to wear that one specific color even if it is totally unsuitable for the weather. So here it is!

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in shades 34 ‘La Raffinee‘ and 43 ‘La Favorite’.

These two lipsticks are the ones we got from VFNO 2015 so if you haven’t seen that post please check it out as we also purchased a lot of other goodies. (Click here)



Chanel Rouge Coco in shade 434 ‘Mademoiselle’

We actually each have one of this color and when we apply it gives off a totally different feel. Also just to give you guys a hint as to how much Izzy loves this lipstick, after a week of purchasing it, she managed to have used up nearly half of it. Now I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I have never used a lipstick that fast. Not even lip balms!!!!


Rouge Dior in shade 169 ‘Grège’

Now this color is beautiful in every single way and same as the Mademoiselle, depending on the person, the color is different and it’s one of those nudes that just really compliments a lot of skin tones. However, this color is slightly on the lighter side so if you do prefer something more pinkish or just darker overall then we recommend trying out the Mademoiselle.

Rouge Dior Brilliant in shade 844 ‘Trafalgar’ and shade 310 ‘Paname’

This color is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It goes on so nice and pigmented whilst not being overly sticky. The lasting power is shocking and after a while it seems more like a matte tint as oppose to a gloss and personally I really like layering it on top of the Chanel La Favorite as the colors are quite similar and when you work them together it really brings out a nice loud statement.

I’ve also been really into that glassy effect given off by gloss and when applied just by itself, Paname can give you a very different look than when applied on top of lipstick. I love pairing it on top of my Dior La Grege as it gives you a very clean look while at the same time making your lips look super plump and hydrated!

Dior Addict Lipstick in shade 004 ‘Cosmic Pink’

Now this lipstick is sometimes all you will need for the entire day, lip balm, lip stick and shine. Obviously it doesn’t do the job like normal lip balms do but if your lips aren’t in desperate need of a lip balm then you can surely just bring this one item and get away with it. Also not to mention just how pretty the color is.

So the above are our current favorites and yes we know it only consists of two brands but somehow it just ended up like that, absolutely unintentional.

Now we hope you enjoyed our current spring favorites and please share with us your current favorites as we just love lip products haha.

xx Vivvy and Izzy

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