September Wishlist

Every month (or even day) is a struggle to resist the need of buying everything you see, both of us receive our pay monthly so sometimes if we’re not careful we literally use up everything during the first few days and for the rest of the month we just become the stingiest asians you’ll ever see.

So since we have SO many items on our never-ending wishlist we thought we might share some of our top selections for this month (or maybe we will do another post haha who knows).

  • Opening Ceremony ‘Mini Lele Croc Patent Leather Bag’ (I fell in love with it at first sight.)  OPENING CEREMONY MINI LELE CROC PATENT HANDBAG
  • Dim. E Cres. ‘Sky Blue Suspender One Piece Skirt’ (simply adorbs)


  • Ipad Air 2 – you guys know what it is right? hahaha (we ran out of space on our current one.)
  • (shhhhh… it’s a secret) open an online store for brands we love
  • NAILSINC ‘ Alexa Cashmere Nail Polish’

Alexa Cashmere Nail polish

  • A new tattoo (birthday tradition)

Tell us what’s on your wishlist this month!

xx Izzy & Vivvy

Photo credits:

Opening Ceremony




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