Cambridge Satchel Company

Hi guys! I have found a new bag!

So while I was ‘style stalking’ Alexa Chung on a very late boring night, I happened to stumble upon a picture of her carrying a cute little leather cross body. Immediately, i was like ‘OMG I need to find out what this bag is!’ After maybe another hour of so called ‘research’, I found out the brand which turns out to be this British company that produces leather satchels and other goods. After finding this out, i had to link my find to Vivian ASAP as they just produced such classic leather bags (and i knew she would like them).

Alexa Chung seen at Rockefeller Center

Picture by: JosiahW / Splash News

The thing that really caught her eye though, apart from the pictures of Taylor Swift wearing the ‘Twist Lock Satchel’ (here’s a photo because she insisted I put it in) ,


Photo: Cambridge Satchel Company

was the backpacks and after much contemplation, she decided to go with the cream colour as it was just too beautiful to pass up on and it would go with a whole variety of outfits she had planned.


Photo: Cambridge Satchel Company

I decided to go for a more classic cross body which would be versatile for morning and night as well as it was just too cute to pass up on! (also because it’s the one Alexa Chung was carrying). And I went with the 11′ Classic Satchel in black. The cool thing about these is that you can get them customised with your very own initials and I decided to get IYZ on mine in silver while Vivian went for VZ in blind.


Photo: Cambridge Satchel Company

We seriously can’t wait for them to arrive!

Also, tell us what you think and share with us your go to bag! 🙂

xx Izzy


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