Prada Tartain Print

Omg so Vivian and I visited the Prada store last week to check out the new season collection and I am COMPLETELY in love with the new tartan print that they came up with!!! I haven’t been loving Prada for a while now as I feel like their bags aren’t what they used to be but this collection has completely blew me away.

So from what I’ve seen so far, it comes in a few combination of colours as well as size and silhouettes.

So the envelope silhouette i think gives a more edgy punk feel. The only downside for me to this bag is the lack of a shoulder strap.

Tartain fabric and Saffiano leather handbag

However, they do have a chain shoulder strap version in the tartain collection as well!! Which is greatoriginal-3

My favourite though, is the more classic handbag style. Which kind of reminds me of the Vivenne Westwood tartan handbags. The only thing that bothers me though is that they don’t have a size in the middle between the large and the small.


This is the larger size. The middle black section is made of a nylon like fabric which I think was quite clever as nylon is water resistant and a quite durable material. It is a bit big though to carry everywhere. As it is made from leather, it is a bit heavy which would be perfect if they made a size right in the middle between the large and the small.


These two are my FAVOURITE bags in the collection. Although they are small, they are handy for  going to places where you just want to bring your wallet and keys and can be played up for a more formal/night look or played down for a more casual/day look. I was thinking of getting both as I couldn’t decide which color I liked more as the darker brown and blue would be more wearable colors. However, there are days when I want a bag with contrasting colors for a little extra ‘pop’ to my outfit.

I am having such a hard time deciding which bag I should get that I’ve been literally thinking about it restlessly for a week! I need to decide soon as it is an item in which each store is given a limited quantity, so what do you guys think?

xx Izzy

All images sourced from: Prada


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